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Updated: January 08, 2019

Remembrance Video for Kimberly
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Poem in honor of Kimberly
An Angel's Wings
(By: Cousin Teri)

Special combination items - TS Butterfly Store

Recent Events...

July 27, 2013
::: Neighborhood Health Fair participant - TS Education

June 30, 2013
::: TS Planning Meeting

A brainstorming session to discuss ways to spread TS Awareness and upcoming events proposed including a TS fundraiser walk.

News from the Archives...

December 21, 2010
::: TSSUS - TS Awareness Day Recognition

Thank you to all who have participated. Your support and participation was greatly appreciated to crush the ignorance due to the lack of education in regard to Turner Syndrome.

November 15, 2010
::: Proposal submitted to TSSUS

Thank you to all who submitted testimonials. Your voices make all the differences! This proposal is for review of Butterfly Week.

August 11, 2010
::: TS Awareness Day

Wear a Butterfly to Spread TS awareness Day. Invitation to wear anything with a butterfly to show support.

July 30, 2010
::: Website Inspiration

Inspiration for ts.butterflies website is established.

July 16, 2010
::: TS Awareness Page

Administrator for the Turner Syndrome awareness page on FaceBook.


Special tribute in Loving Memory of Kimberly (1971 - 2012)

Greetings! My name is Eileen, a Turner Syndrome butterfly, and we would like to introduce ourselves and the website. The website was started by Kimberly Gamson and we are continuing her mission and dedication and welcome you to the website tsbutterflies.com!

As described by Kimberly, "I have chosen this name and the butterfly for a symbol, because like a butterfly, Turner Syndrome (TS) girls are miracles of nature and beautiful, delicate, and fragile, just like a butterfly!"

We are so pleased that it is available for everyone to view! Feel free to look around! Steve and I are continuing this website in Kimberly's honor who designed this website for the following reasons that we also strongly advocate.

The following introduction was initially written by Kimberly, and is presented in her original format as follows:

(a) To spread more awareness regarding Turner Syndrome, including a PowerPoint presentation that I have created which explains all about Turner Syndrome.

(b) To allow TS girls, parents and other family members of TS girls, and women to discuss their stories about TS and offer support as well by offering a daily blog with topics regarding TS. I myself am a TS girl, having been diagnosed at birth, so talking with others who know what you are going through is extremely beneficial and therapeutic.

(c) To start an ongoing fundraiser in which I will have items for sale (including a beautiful TS Awareness necklace and matching earrings with much more to come) and a portion of the profits will go to benefit Turner Syndrome.

Why am I doing this?

I am doing this because many girls who are born with Turner Syndrome have significant hearing loss and require hearing aids (which can cost $3,000 or more). Currently, these are normally un-covered benefits with most-all insurance companies worldwide. Even then, if they are covered, there is a normally significant co-pay which many can not afford. With the current state of the economy and health care reform, I do not see this being overturned in the near future.

The ultimate goal is to raise enough money from donations to help TS girls/women with assistance to pay for hearing aids or psychological help (as many TS girls have trouble with social skills and need help) needed that the families of TS girls may not be able to afford so that they live a normal, happy life as they deserve.

Furthermore, I am also on FaceBook, as many know, and have organized a "Wear a Butterfly to Spread TS awareness Day" where one can wear anything with a butterfly to show support. This was implemented August 11th, 2010 to great success and response.

I am confident that over time this will become a reality but I need your help and support to make this dream a reality! Thank you so much for your interest and checking out my website. I hope that you will visit often!

Website designed by Kimberly and Steven Gamson: 2010 - 2013